02 Apr

  The above paper work was found in Themba's car          seat by the Gresham's police department. Parris mistakenly left them there. This was at the same time she had the police called. These court papers prove indisputably that Parris was facing a "mandatory" 2 year sentence only on that exact same morning. 

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Inmate Photo
Parris, Wendy Christine
4412/1975Coffee Creek Correctional Facility
FemaleWhite Or European OriginInmate
5' 05''Brown03/19/2020
150 lbsBrown11/17/2026

List of Offenses
Docket NumberCountyCrimeSentence TypeBegin DateTermination Date
20CR05533/01CLACUNAUTHORIZED USE VEHICLEInmate Sentence03/19/2020-

20CR05533/03CLACAGGRAVATED IDENTITY THEFTInmate Sentence03/19/2020-

20CR05533/04CLACMAIL THEFT NEWInmate Sentence03/19/2020-

20CR05533/05CLACMAIL THEFT NEWInmate Sentence03/19/2020-

20CR05533/06CLACMAIL THEFT NEWInmate Sentence03/19/2020-

20CR17026/01CLACBURGLARY IInmate Sentence03/19/2020-


CLICK BELOW LINK to confirm that Parris was facing a mandatory 2 year sentence only hours before called the police on Themba.


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