12 May

She claimed to have been choked and forced into a bathroom with “A GUN” pressing against her neck, choked “again” with a leash; then choked “another” time with a necklace so tightly that it broke (yet no broken necklace pieces were found by the detectives when they searched room #208), and last- she claimed to have been “forcibly” held down by the “front” and “back” of her neck for a whopping 30 minutes on top of all that-yet; her extremely pale white skinned neck did not evidence absolutely one red-mark, bruise, faint bruise, scratch, abrasion or hematomas (clotted mass of blood formed as a result of a broken vessel) according to the states very own medical professionals who very  thoroughly documented:



                                               Medical Examination ED Provider

                                              NOTES:Signed by Dr. Kaplan

                                                                 August 14,2019

                                                                        10:27 am  

Five days later at Grand Jury, Parris contradicts Dr.Kaplans findings and DDA Hermann pretends as if she is oblivious to that evidentiary reality.

DDA Hermann: And did you have any, like, redness or marks on your [neck] at all. Do you remember?

Parris: Yes

DDA Hermann: You did? What kind?

Parris: I had bruising and red marks from when he tried to strangle me.  

    Either Parris lied at Grand Jury or Dr. Kaplan lied when Parris was examined. Dr.Kaplan did not lie! We also would like to point out that Parris's neck examination was given directlly after the alleged incident. In fact, she was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and was viewed by numerous detectives who were at the alleged crime scene. They mentioned nothing about neck redness, brusies etc. in the police report. Moreoever, if Parris really had red marks or bruises on her neck as she erronously claimed, Dr. Kaplan would have of course documented that. She therefore did not! What is utterly alarming is DDA Hermans misleading presentation “You did?”and “What kind?” Her pretending if she was not aware of Dr.Kaplans neck findings is absurd.  In fact, the neck findings were issued a few days before Grand Jury and are bolded in black letters in the middle of the page of the medical reoport. The conclusive findings “pop”right out at you! Consequently, when Parris lied under-oath by saying, “I had bruising and redmarks”, that LIE should have “popped” right out at Deputy District Attorney Hermann.                  

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